I Hate This Sign So Much: W4-2

99% Invisible did a story about Lane Ends, Merge Left and its confusing nature. The pictogram to me says, “We’re taking away the dashed line but there’s still room for two lanes.” Which is definitely not the case; it’s always a full merge into one lane.

This sign shows up in really dumb places too. There’s a spot on the I-10 where an onramp is merging but I guess its 250ft of dashed line makes the ramp a Lane Ends instead of a standard Merge.

I hate it.


Let It Ring

I’m a firm believer in the rule of three so when I heard the Gorgon City – Motorola track last week I knew I had found the final piece in building a music playlist that celebrated the sounds of telephony. The lead off track is Damien N-Drix & STV – Let It Ring, an absolute banger, built around the sound of GSM interference. I was amazed when it was released since LTE had made this signature sound a thing of the past. The third track is Count of Monte Cristal Sinden – Beeper, another track nostalgic for a not too distant past where the beeper was the on demand way to get in touch with someone. We these three tracks, I opened it up to twitter for more contributions. It’s now got some pop, hip-hop, and more electro. Check it out!


Board Games 2018


I’m still board gaming as much as ever (last year’s post) but I feel like my rate of game acquisition has slowed. Dave, Craig, Pinguino, and I are still regularly playing and having a consistent group of people has really made it fun to run more campaign or scenario style games. Our game night at Two Bit Circus is also still on Tuesdays every fortnight. It’s been going for six years now and we picked up a few more people in the last year. Continue reading