Sweetums Unrestricted

Back when Tumblr was preparing to remove adult content from the service I was apparently too busy deleting my actual porn blog to realize they had started flagging content on my very chaste Sweetums account. I only found it today when getting a message that they had reviewed my appeal (my what?). was launched in 2013 mostly as a way to entertain people that used to follow me on Google Reader. It has a Twitter account too. I think the content flagged as adult is pretty funny and rarely adult so I present it to you here in its entirety as a 6.9MB image hosted on Yahoo!’s finest service: Flickr. Links to the relevant content at the end. CW: Female presenting nipples Continue reading


Fire Hydrants Are Designed To Shear

Sheared fire hydrant

We came across this scene while walking to lunch the other day. It was clearly a standpipe missing its fire hydrant with a bit of water slowly weeping out. The missing fire hydrant wasn’t too surprising; people hit those all the time creating a giant geyser. What was weird was the little worms of silicone sticking out of the bolt flange. We realized then that the 3/4″ fire hydrant bolts are designed to shear off when hit. I suspect this is so that the impact doesn’t damage the vertical pipe which would require excavation to replace. It might also reduce the force of the accident better than hitting a truly fixed object. It looks like this flange is too low and will have to be dug out before they can put a a new hydrant in.

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Teensy LC Breakout

Teensy LED breakout boards assembled

I work with Teensy dev boards and LED strips fairly often. Connecting the two to each other seems to be something I’m constantly reinventing. Here’s my most recent attempt at a board I could use for both quick prototyping and permanent installs. While I mill a lot of prototype PCBs, this is only the third board ever that I’ve had professionally manufactured. This time via Oshpark. Continue reading