The Ephemeral Office


Today is the twentieth anniversary of the publication of Warren Berger’s Wired article Lost In Space. It’s about Chiat/Day’s bold experiment in 1994 to build a virtual office space. The story is a great read about the pitfalls of the open plan office which thankfully no one builds anymore… The office this originally took place in, “the binocular building”, was leased by Google eight years ago as they expanded operations into Venice.


Sweetums Unrestricted

Back when Tumblr was preparing to remove adult content from the service I was apparently too busy deleting my actual porn blog to realize they had started flagging content on my very chaste Sweetums account. I only found it today when getting a message that they had reviewed my appeal (my what?). was launched in 2013 mostly as a way to entertain people that used to follow me on Google Reader. It has a Twitter account too. I think the content flagged as adult is pretty funny and rarely adult so I present it to you here in its entirety as a 6.9MB image hosted on Yahoo!’s finest service: Flickr. Links to the relevant content at the end. CW: Female presenting nipples Continue reading


Fire Hydrants Are Designed To Shear

Sheared fire hydrant

We came across this scene while walking to lunch the other day. It was clearly a standpipe missing its fire hydrant with a bit of water slowly weeping out. The missing fire hydrant wasn’t too surprising; people hit those all the time creating a giant geyser. What was weird was the little worms of silicone sticking out of the bolt flange. We realized then that the 3/4″ fire hydrant bolts are designed to shear off when hit. I suspect this is so that the impact doesn’t damage the vertical pipe which would require excavation to replace. It might also reduce the force of the accident better than hitting a truly fixed object. It looks like this flange is too low and will have to be dug out before they can put a a new hydrant in.

Hardware, Portfolio

Teensy LC Breakout

Teensy LED breakout boards assembled

I work with Teensy dev boards and LED strips fairly often. Connecting the two to each other seems to be something I’m constantly reinventing. Here’s my most recent attempt at a board I could use for both quick prototyping and permanent installs. While I mill a lot of prototype PCBs, this is only the third board ever that I’ve had professionally manufactured. This time via Oshpark. Continue reading

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Monster Hoodie

Trial run

One of the first times I met my friend Laura, she was wearing the Cookie Monster hoodie she had constructed. It was before she had her sewing machine so all the fur was attached with hot glue and very heavy. It had little googly-eyes constructed from clear plastic cocktail glasses with black pompom pupils bouncing around inside that didn’t last very long. When I heard she was hosting a monster tea party I upgraded the costume. Continue reading

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Every Adventure Time Episode is a GIF

Ice King got ups

Almost six years ago I decided I was going to start rewatching Adventure Time from the beginning. This time though, I decided I’d watch just one episode a day and then make a GIF of some part of it and post it to my Tumblr. I definitely appreciated the show more the second time around since I wasn’t watching it while distracted and story arcs/running jokes are easier to stick with when you see them every day instead of months apart. Continue reading