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primer screen capI think I downloaded Primer (torrent) after someone suggested it as a Sci-Fi movie that doesn’t suck. It won the grand jury prize at Sundance in 2004. Here’s my plot summary: This is a time-travel movie; prepare to be screwed with. I really liked this movie and they did a great job with a $7,000 budget. In the third act I was bothered because it seemed to confuse obfuscation with cleverness. I wished less time had been spent on electro-gibberish dialog at the beginning of the movie and more time spent on the resolution. I encourage you to see this movie (it comes out on DVD on Tuesday), but be prepared for a Mullholland Dr. level of bewilderment.

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Porco Rosso

porco rosso imageIf you see just one period drama about a human-pig hybrid bounty-hunter seaplane pilot this year, make it Porco Rosso (torrent). This is a cute Miyazaki film from 1992. The movie is incredibly silly and not really what you would expect if you’ve seen Princess Mononoke or Spirited Away. It is a fun diversion and definitely worth the time, but I doubt I’ll be view this again any time soon. It certainly treated me better than Closer, which I’m watching right now; the too-clever dialog is driving me up the wall.

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steam boy monocycleSteamboy (torrent), I want to like you, but I don’t think this relationship is going to go anywhere. I know you were written and directed by Katsuhiro Otomo who wrote Akira, one of my favorite mangas. You are visually stunning with you overwhelming steampunk set pieces. This generational power struggle wears on me though. I did enjoy our time together and may actually spend some more with you if you come to a theater near me, but I can’t see this becoming any sort of long term thing.

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Adult Swim Announcements

Venture Bros. LogoAdult Swim made several announcements last week. Here are some of my favorites:

They announced a lot of other crap, but it looks like it should be an interesting year anyway. For Adult Swim and Comedy Central torrents check out My Spleen.

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Off to the Record Store

Death from above 1979While listening to the SXSW torrent I stumbled upon Death from above 1979. The Toronto two-piece consisting of Jesse Keeler (bass/synth) and Sebastien Grainger (vocals/drums) is a force to be reckoned with. In my quest to pick up every bit of info on the band I discovered the video from their March 11 appearance on Conan (torrent). Half-way through the song (during the bass solo) Grainger moves from the drum kit to the mic that is standing on stage. Max Weinberg comes running in and starts playing the drums while still struggling out of his jacket. I thought this was an awesome display of respect and was glad that Grainger got to perform untethered with one of the most capable drummers around. This clip was inspiration enough to get my ass to the record store.

Death from above 1979 albumDeath From Above 1979 – You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine This is the obvious choice. The record hits hard right out ouf the gate and keeps up the pace throughout. I like the heavily distorted bass which never overwhelms the finger work. Great buy.

Blood Brothers CrimesBlood Brothers – Crimes I always consider it a good sign when the clerk is excited about what your buying. I got clued into Blood Brothers while reading Nothing Nice to Say. Back in 2003 Mitch Clem was saying “Burn Piano Island, Burn album of the year” nearly every day. So, after doing a little research I decided to buy it, even though I don’t consider myself a punk fan. I’ve never been happier. Crimes doesn’t dissappoint either. It has been described as less bombastic than the previous album, but I’d argue that this album is a lot more dynamic and experimental than the first and should be celebrated in its own right. P.S. this is a great week to start reading Nothing Nice to Say; Mitch will have four mp3s available each day to make a 20 song compilation this week.

Mars VoltaThe Mars Volta – Frances the Mute Founded after At the Drive-in broke up The Mars Volta released this, their second album, this month. This thing is epic. I thought the album had ended way to quick before I realized that I wasn’t through the first track which is over thirteen minutes long. Side note:

FBI Anti-Piracy Warning: Unauthorized copying is punishable under federal law.

That statement appears SIX times on the album packaging in contrast the FIVE times the band’s name appears. This is just getting ridiculous.

DJ DBDJ DB – Breakbeat Science: Exercise 04 I decided I couldn’t leave without buying some electronica. I was wearing this shirt and I do own every other DJ DB album. This album is just a mix of tracks on the Break Beat Science label. It’s a good mix, but left me wishing I had done some research and picked up something original. Probably just being outshined by my other purchases.