Ride 04.21.07

Through a minimal amount of coercion we were able to get 55 motorcycles from 702sportbikes to show up for a group ride today. We rode down the west side of Lake Mead and stopped for lunch at the marina. I’ve uploaded 41 pictures from the day to Flickr. I’ve also got video that I still need to go through. Here’s a picture of Ivan, me, and John from today.

Update: Here’s a video cut back to back of Paul running the corners yesterday (the person in the truck he passes is one of us).

Update: Here are Kurt and Jason.


At the track

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I’m at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway watching a couple friends race in the WERA road racing series. I’m working at a table 2 feet from the bikes sprinting towards the pit exit. A friend commented yesterday on what good technique this picture from the track demonstrated. I had a guess based on the “Cycle World” leathers that was later confirmed: that’s Nick Ienatsch, the man who literally wrote the book on sport riding techniques.


New exhaust install

I started installing my new Jardine slip-on exhaust on Friday. I say started because I ran into this instruction: “You will need to disconnect one of the oil lines, but if you plug the hole when disconnected you will only lose a minimal amount of oil.” Liars. So, I ended up with oil everywhere. I should have drained the swingarm ahead of time (or Buell shouldn’t plumb oil lines through exhaust mounts). The next problem was Jardine’s bolt-on exhaust bend didn’t want to bolt-on. How do you sell thousands of kits that can’t be used without modification? The next day I made a 53mi. round trip to a friend’s house to use his cutoff wheel to modify the bracket (the over wide flange interferes with the engine block). After that most everything bolted up, except for one bracket I had to tweak by jamming it into a concrete seam. You can find pictures of the process on Flickr which includes a comparison with the old pipe.

There aren’t many aftermarket exhausts available for the Buell XB line. The nice side effect of this is American Sport Bike did exhaustive dyno tests of every one available (puns are always intended). Here are two sound clips from the test so you can compare the stock to the Jardine.


Cheese grater removal

cheese grater
My bike was out of commission for a bit as I removed what is affectionately called the “cheese grater” by the Buell community. The Buell Lightning has a sort of vestigial tail that extends past the tail light and holds the turn signals and license plate. It looks like this. I had somebody experienced shorten it to clean up the tail section. I also installed the ’07 airbox which is freer flowing and the only major mechanical change from my ’06 model. Here’s a photoset with the before and after. I’m still waiting for a new slip-on exhaust. I’m also watching the classifieds for an Firebolt XB9R to use just as a track bike.

I’m currently in LA for the week to collaborate with Ryan. I’ve got a new EVDO Rev A express card fastest I’ve seen so far was in Las Vegas 200KB/s down 16KB/s up. Is there a reason we still use kbps for rate?

Motorcycles, Netscape

One year at Netscape

A year ago was my first day of work at Netscape… sort of. I had recently moved back into Lincoln from Frosty’s couch in Grand Island. My apartment didn’t have internet yet, so I was going to commute to the coffee shop… except for the blizzard. So I spent my first day at my fulltime online job, offline reading through the welcome folder. My job has morphed quite a bit in the last year, but I still enjoy doing it. Most of that is due to our kickass dev team. Who else can build a competitive social bookmarking site, personal homepage, and browser in a year, but these rockstars?

Last night was 702sportbikes‘ largest weekly meet yet. At least 78 motorcycles showed up and 115 people at Hot Rod Grille. When I first started attending in January it was only 7 bikes (it was also 38degF). Here is a short clip from my digicam of the bikes rolling out for the ride.

Latest veggie dish cooked: Cajun Skillet Beans