Donut the hard way

I upgraded my Android Developer Phone to the latest 1.6 Donut firmware today. I have been using Cyanogen’s custom firmwares up to this point. I wanted to maintain root access so I grabbed the modified version from the XDA developer forum. It comes as two files: one is the rooted base firmware and the other is an extra set of root tools for tethering and other fun. I copied both files to my SD card without renaming them.

I rebooted into recovery mode. I’m using Cyanogen’s 1.4 recovery image which lets you flash any image without renaming it. I performed a wipe and then flashed the new image. After a reboot, the phone came up as a fresh install. The data connection wasn’t working so I used the debug shell to force the wireless options to open and setup the WiFi connection. Data wasn’t working since I had forgotten that I needed to add the AT&T APN by hand.

After that, I installed the expansion pack. I rebooted to recovery mode and flashed it. When the phone rebooted, it came up as a black screen. The firmware instructions warn that this is a possibility and I reformatted the EXT2 partition on my SD card as they instructed to fix it. The formatting instructions can be found here and you can do it from the console in recovery mode.

Donut definitely feels faster and with every upgrade they tweak issues like the camera which is much better now.

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Mobile Wireless Router

soekris development boardOriginally found on Slashdot. Some guy decided to to build a mobile WiFi access point. The box uses a PC Card to connect to Verizon’s network. It then passes that connection to a wireless card that provides internet access to anyone within range. My favorite thing about this project is the Soekris board that ties everything together; they offer several different embedded systems (with optional cases) and the prices don’t seem too bad for a really unique system.

Mom sent me a clipping about Seward County Recycling day. I’ll be throwing out a lot of the electro-junk in my closet: 4 monitors, 3 Pentiums, 1 gutted TRS-80. I’ll probably save a couple old I/O cards to practice soldering/de-soldering on, some old disk drives with the gigantor servos, and all of the hard drives (for security). I figure if I ever need a monitor I’ll just buy a new LCD instead of using the old crap.

Mandy recently sent a lot of people my way, which is great, but I feel I should apologize for this excessively geeky post. Here is a prize for reading the whole post: something stylish to help you beat up Vuitton enthusiasts.

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Buy Your Laptops NOW!

600m laptopStarting at 8am CST Wednesday April 13th Dell is offering great deals on laptops. Techbargains has all the details you need.

I used a similar offer last fall to get my laptop. It works like this: Configure the laptop till the price exceeds $1499. Then use the coupon code to get $750 off the price, plus free shipping. Make sure you read the details at Techbargains. Last time they did this the deal only lasted during buisness hours and some of the models were only offered till 10am so jump on this.

I have 600m that is now happily running Gentoo. If you get a 600m go for the SXGA+ screen; with its 1400×1050 resolution it is beautiful. If you want to run Linux get the Intel 2200 for the best b/g wireless networking. I hope someone gets a good deal out of this.

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Ski Jacket with iPod Controls

spyder ski jacketI’d be more excited about this ski jacket with fabric iPod controls from Spyder if Burton and Apple hadn’t released one two years earlier. It looks like Spyder managed to bump the jacket price six-fold arriving at $3,000. I guess they do throw in an iPod Photo which means the jacket is only five-times more expensive than the limited edition Burton jacket. I like the soft button technology, but I won’t be foaming at the mouth till someone bothers to integrate a soft bluetooth keyboard into my pants.