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Ski Jacket with iPod Controls

spyder ski jacketI’d be more excited about this ski jacket with fabric iPod controls from Spyder if Burton and Apple hadn’t released one two years earlier. It looks like Spyder managed to bump the jacket price six-fold arriving at $3,000. I guess they do throw in an iPod Photo which means the jacket is only five-times more expensive than the limited edition Burton jacket. I like the soft button technology, but I won’t be foaming at the mouth till someone bothers to integrate a soft bluetooth keyboard into my pants.


Definitely Fake

louis vuitton fakeI’ve hated Louis Vuitton bags ever since VH1 decided to tell the world they were cool in one of their “crap that celebrities buy” shows. It isn’t just the Hilfiger-esque excessive badging, but also that the bag looks like it’s covered in Lucky Charms. Since its jump into the mainstream eye everyone without a clue has been snatching up Vuittons and the many knockoffs that have hit the market. I absolutely love this obvious fake found on Cool Hunting. Nothing like the truth to show up a poseur.

UPDATE: For those people still buying Vuitton bags, Zappos just sent out a newsletter announcing that they’ve got the newest Ugg boots in.


Puma Mongolian Shoe BBQ

Puma mongolian grillJosh Rubin got to try out the Puma Mongolian Shoe BBQ. Many companies have added “build-your-own” capabilities to their websites (Timbuk2 being my favorite). Puma decided to take it a step further by allowing customers to select their shoe parts in store. Now you can handle the the different fabrics and compare the patterns side-by-side. At $130 it even seems to be reasonably priced for what you get. I just enjoy that now consumers can be held entirely responsible for their ugly ass shoes.

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RobotSkirts inspiration

siggraph 2004 fashion

So, here’s the reason I created this blog. The SIGGRAPH 2004 fashion show… what a pile of crap. This, my friends, is not going to get future technology here any faster, let alone get it adopted. I want to promote the good trends in the world of fashion and technology. You know, not “strapping gadgets to people wearing fetish gear” and calling it a revolution. (Oh yeah, check out her watch, that’s where the technology angle comes into the picture) I’m sure the goth/poseur industry will be fine without our help, they are apparently laser cutting vinyl so they can’t be doing too poorly.


Gola shoes

Gola TorrentLast summer when I was shopping for new shoes I decided that the internet would be a great place to find a unique pair (it would also keep me from having to talk to people). I stumbled on to Shoe Gypsy where I purchased my pair of Gola Torrents (pictured). These shoes are really interesting; they have minimal tread which makes them look like climbing shoes. They fit great and are a joy to wear. The seed had been planted. The next pair I bought was from Zappos, a huge online shoe store. They make shopping really easy; all of the shoes have multiple viewing angles and free shipping on nearly everything. I recently discovered that buying directly from Gola USA is really cheap, not usually the case with items purchased directly from manufacturers. I guess I’m gonna need to buy a third pair…

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Sunglasses in ear

in ear sunglassesI4U has a blurb about some new sunglasses with a unique mounting method. The glasses, from KT Optica, are said to be ideal for sports use. I’m guessing if these glasses get out of adjustment they’ll pull your ears forward to aid in echo location. At 190$US I’ll never have to experience that.

There are other innovative designs out there, like James Sooy’s glasses mounted using a single 10-gauge bridge piercing. Looks like we are well on our way to the final solution: lenses grafted directly to your face.

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Robots spy on shoppers

robot mannequin
Gizmodo is featuring a new robotic mannequin that poses for shoppers. Cool! The mannequin takes pictures of the shoppers to collect demographic and other information about shoppers. Not cool! Time to apply those lessons from Minority Report and get yourselves some new eyes.

Japan will be employing robotic information booth workers at the upcoming World Expo. The robots will understand 40,000 phrases covering four different languages. What’s the problem with putting a human face on something with less than average human intelligence? It makes the robot appear retarded.

Hack-a-day has a write up for building your own creepy movement tracking robot (which will also statisfy your stuffed animal surgery craving). The comments provide links to other peoples BEAM bots.