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Monster Hoodie

Trial run

One of the first times I met my friend Laura, she was wearing the Cookie Monster hoodie she had constructed. It was before she had her sewing machine so all the fur was attached with hot glue and very heavy. It had little googly-eyes constructed from clear plastic cocktail glasses with black pompom pupils bouncing around inside that didn’t last very long. When I heard she was hosting a monster tea party I upgraded the costume. Continue reading

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Charlieplexed animated heart hoodie

LED heart badge

This is quick little project I put together before LA Decom. I actually assembled the kit a few years ago when I got it from Jimmie Rodgers. This is one of the earliest iterations of the kit so the traces are smaller than they need to be and the location of the interface pins is not ideal. In February, I added the heart to my headphone hoodie by sewing it with conductive thread to a Lilypad Arduino. Unfortunately I couldn’t get enough current that way so the project sat till now. Continue reading

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Beer cap cufflinks

Completed cufflinks

In November, I saw a post on Cool Hunting about Jen Roder’s Rotorcaps, cufflinks made from bottle caps. They were quite nice, cut caps riveted to silver backs. I balked at the price of $40 a pair (at the time I didn’t know that this price is fairly standard for a pair of unique cufflinks). I thought that surely cufflink blanks can’t be that expensive; as it turns out, they aren’t, so I purchased 24 pairs.

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White New Year’s Eve

I’m still in Lincoln from the night before. I figured I should just stay in town and wait for the festivities. If I had gone home I probably wouldn’t have made it back tonight.

I guess it’s the style to end the year with a list. Instead of current events or awful movies I’ve decide to go with something I truly enjoy; here are my favorite t-shirts from this year.

  • Pirate Baby’s Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006 I loved this animation and was glad I could support the artist. Even though I was drunk, I’m pretty sure I knew how expensive it was before the conversion from Euros.
  • Recon (awesome design, unfortunately no picture) I got this shirt from Hugo, the lead organizer of the intimate reverse engineering conference in Montreal. I hope to attend this year.
  • Dirty Digger I could care less about Digg but really enjoy this shirt.
  • Theoretical Sausage Limited edition design from Goats, the webcomic that I get most of my shirts from.
  • Hack-A-Day The design gets better every year. I love love love seeing people wearing these.