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The biggest news in the blogosphere last week (or at least the best), is that John Kricfalusi has a blog. John K was the mind behind Ren & Stimpy. Up till now, his most recent work has been featured on Katie Rice’s blog; she worked on the last iteration of Ren & Stimpy. John K has been posting fairly regularly since launch: pitching new shows and demonstrating his unique charicatures.

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Sin City

Sin City pageSin City opened in theaters today. Frosty and I caught the very first showing at noon today. Fucking awesome! The movie opens with a short scene between Josh Hartnett and Marley Shelton. That scene was originally filmed to convince Frank Miller to let Robert Rodriguez make the movie. I was kinda worried “this film noir crap is going to get annoying”, but soon enough they were off and running with “The Hard Goodbye” storyline. The film is black and white with some color highlights. To make this color easier to add in post-production they used blue and green paint and then replaced the colors using the same techniques used to make the digital backdrops. At some points the film is goes to “true” black and white and mimics the original comic book art even using the same shots. Amazon has example pages that you should check out before you see the movie. Sin City is extremely violent, but if you were able to handle Kill Bill this won’t be much worse. I encourage you all to see this great movie even if it is to realize that comics aren’t just about superheros.

Side note: A year ago today it was announced as an April Fools joke that Grand Theft Auto: Sin City would be the next game in the series.