2019-03-09 13.51.26 HDR

I’m spending the day in our local art park, La Tierra De La Culebra in Highland Park. The label Leaving Records has been hosting free music events there every other Saturday. This is the seventeenth one and the crowd is about 60 people. It’s a mix of ambient, jazz, and beat scene music artists.

2019-03-09 13.59.59

After this I’m seeing Walker & Royce with Dave & Pinguino and some Space Camp friends in Hollywood tonight.

We officially opened Two Bit Circus to the public on September 7th last fall. It’s been interesting going from having to invite people to special events to show them my work to just telling them to show up any day we’re open. I’m responsible for all of the parts selection, wiring, and some of the custom PCBs in our in-house built games.

We’re still doing Fuzzyland and Space Camp every year. Last July I finally made it to ToorCamp on an island northwest of Seattle. Our camp was themed ‘Beerocracry’. You had to do a bunch of paperwork and fax things before you could get free drinks. Because my work hours we’re so tight I decided to fly on a seaplane there and back.

I also most recently went to the Tucson area with my parents. We toured the awesome Pima Air and Space museum and the last surviving Titan missile silo. Kartchner Caverns was also a great.

I’m happy that I’ve gotten some more projects posted here lately. It’s a good year.


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