Sweetums Unrestricted

Back when Tumblr was preparing to remove adult content from the service I was apparently too busy deleting my actual porn blog to realize they had started flagging content on my very chaste Sweetums account. I only found it today when getting a message that they had reviewed my appeal (my what?). was launched in 2013 mostly as a way to entertain people that used to follow me on Google Reader. It has a Twitter account too. I think the content flagged as adult is pretty funny and rarely adult so I present it to you here in its entirety as a 6.9MB image hosted on Yahoo!’s finest service: Flickr. Links to the relevant content at the end. CW: Female presenting nipples

Click to biggie-fy

1960s Thai erotic magazines show creativity in their censorship

Pixy Yijun Liao’s strange photography challenges what relationships and love should be

Marc Sommer

Katie Miller on sun, sky, landscape, and the backs of heads (some NSFW)

Zero-G Juggs

Alyssa Monks Liquid

Fuck Bitches, Get Money cross stitch by me

Yelp deleted my photo submission from the Joseph’s Cafe Hollywood page. It’s a screenshot from the Reality King’s porn series In The VIP, which was shot there.

Sylvester Stallone Demolition Man life-size CryoPrison dummy…

One hell of an album cover for Wasnatch’s ‘Front to Back’

It’s Nice That : Beautiful impressions that clothes make on skin, by Scout Paré-Phillips (NSFW)

Hello Grumpy – BustedTees

I clicked the “appeal” button on each one and they were carefully reviewed instantaneously(?!). Everything passed except Alyssa Monks’ oil painting, and the work of photographers Marc Sommer and Katie Miller.


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