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Monster Hoodie

Trial run

One of the first times I met my friend Laura, she was wearing the Cookie Monster hoodie she had constructed. It was before she had her sewing machine so all the fur was attached with hot glue and very heavy. It had little googly-eyes constructed from clear plastic cocktail glasses with black pompom pupils bouncing around inside that didn’t last very long. When I heard she was hosting a monster tea party I upgraded the costume.

What have you done to its eyes??

The two eyeballs are 8 inch neckless acrylic globes that I had. I used two LED rings that are usually intended to be beauty rings on car headlights for the lights. The pupils were cut on a vinyl cutter. Giant safety pins held the eyeballs to the hood. The final piece was a 5V USB to 12V barrel jack plug to make my USB battery power the 12V car headlight rings.

Monster selfie!

The costume is pretty fun and you get to yell, “My eyes are down here!” at people who are staring at it. With kigurumis being so commonplace, I enjoy having this much more bizarre looking outfit. The hoodie has extra long floppy sleeves that make it a blast to dance in too!


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