Andrew W.K. live and inverted

Sorry, your browser doesn’t support this Canvas demo.

Having just finished reading Michael Nelson’s investigation into who/what Andrew W.K. is, I went back to the beginning to see where the article began: his latest video for “You’re Not Alone” (top). The video has inverted colors so I played it back in VLC with the colors inverted because I was curious what the unmodified video looked like. I was surprised to find that the hue was also rotated 180 degrees… which is why we’re back here filtering video using the canvas. I suspect the hue is rotated to restore fleshy tones to the video instead of the green skin that would have shown otherwise. That’s why pizza guitar still looks like a pizza.
document.addEventListener(‘DOMContentLoaded’,function(){var v=document.getElementById(‘v’);var canvas=document.getElementById(‘c’);var context=canvas.getContext(‘2d’);cw=canvas.width;ch=canvas.height;v.addEventListener(‘play’,function(){draw(this,context,cw,ch)},false)},false);function draw(v,c,w,h){if(v.paused||v.ended)return false;c.drawImage(v,0,0,w,h);setTimeout(draw,20,v,c,w,h)}


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