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Christmas tree hexapod dancing alone to Ginuwine’s Pony

Ready to dance

A couple weeks ago I had a strong desire to get a six legged robot, stick a tiny tree on it, and make it dance… so I did exactly that. The Hexy I started with came from my friend Arko and I took advantage of it being open source to print the new parts I needed. I set the whole thing to the tune of Ginuwine’s Pony since YouTube is chock full of sexy dancing to that song. You can find the video embedded below and my friend Taylor Hatmaker — who loves robots — was able to suss a few more details of the build out of me for her post.

Two of my favorite comments so far have been 1) nicknaming it “Ginupine” and 2) “It needs a robot (tree) skirt.” And in case any cares: Below is my favorite remix of Pony by Viceroy.

I hope to build up a better version of this bot for next year!


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