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Remember my giant countdown clock? Well, as soon as I got back from Germany, I immediately went back to work at Two Bit Circus to prepare for the STEAM Carnival. The Carnival has a large variety of home built games, carnival inspired activities, and educational fun. Many of the games were built by our summer interns; it’s what I built the spirograph for. The week was full of events starting with our Gala on Wednesday night with a cocktail party, dinner, and a show. Thursday was a hackathon. Friday was our education day with almost 3000 school children coming through to do a workshop and play our games. Saturday and Sunday was the main event with even more people coming through each day. I was demoing Intel’s ConnectAnything one-on-one to kids of all ages. It let’s you change the connections between inputs and outputs on a microcontroller dynamically. The days’ big finale was the Dunk Tank Flambé which you can see embedded below. We’re taking the show on the row next year.


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