Mom’s 2014 Beaver Crossing tornado report

I am writing this on Adele’s computer in Lyons because we don’t have internet access yet. All the antennas etc. on top the elevator (where we get our signal) were blown off–surprise, surprise. So, other than that we are fine and Curtis has a new roof. Ted has his planting done, and I have a bit more before we head to Greeley CO for nephew Ian’s wedding. It will be great. All of our kids will be there. Take Care and we will get back to you all when we have internet again–no promises when that might be. lovelaine

[Here’s someone else’s video of the wreckage]


My name isnt Dorothy, but I do have a tornado story and I thought you might want to hear about what is up in Beaver Crossing after the 5 PM Mother’s Day tornadoes. Maybe not so much what is up in BC, but what is down. And Tornadoes was plural on May 11. F3’s for what it is worth.  Continue reading