XOXO closing party signage
I’ve been a fan of Andy Baio’s work at for many years (and even contributed to one of his research projects in the past) so when he announced a few years ago that he was planning a conference I jumped at the opportunity to attend. I went to Portland in both 2012 and 2013 for XOXO. I’ve enjoyed it both times and will try to make it back for 2014. My favorite improvement last year was the expanded Arcade event which dedicated giant projection screens to independent games. They also had a board game night. Above all the people are one of the greatest assets of XOXO. I’ve been to many conferences but some of my favorite and most diverse new friendships were made at XOXO. Here are three of my favorite talks from this year that you should watch. I would consider the first two essential viewing:
Cabel Sasser, Co-founder of Panic, talking about how it all ends.

Maciej Ceg?owski, Pinboard, gave a very funny talk on self-reliance.

Chris Anderson talked about the history of DIY Drones. I was particularly interested in the farming uses.

If you’re a person passionate about the things you build and making the world a little more fun, this conference is for you.


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