I turned 33 this year. If you’d like a comparison… just scroll down a few posts. Although the blog hasn’t changed, I did switch from ASmallOrange to WebFaction hosting finally. This last year  was interesting, I worked on the television shows Capture on The CW and Killer Karaoke on TruTV. Now that they’ve both aired, I’ll probably write them up. I built custom hardware that the contestants on each show wore. Last month I sold my motorcycle which I had ridden less than 200 miles since registering it in California 6 years ago. In January, I sold my 1957 Chevy Panel Truck on eBay. It had become a drain on my bank account and spirit. It’s now on its way to France. I haven’t picked up a new vehicle yet and have been riding public transportation in the mean time. This month we’ll celebrate our 300th Hacker Drinkup. I’ve been attending monthly Spec.LA events where we show off technical projects we’ve been working on. I’ve also been buying more board games which we play every couple weeks. Sweetums is still where I post all the random things I enjoy; I did a daily project where I made a GIF for every single episode of Adventure Time. I’m still looking for work and next month I’ll have been in LA 6 years.


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