I turned 32 this year and we celebrated at Hacker Drinkup since our waitress Alia turned 40 and @n3wscott turned 29. I still live in Santa Monica and I’ve been unemployed for nearly a year. My last company, Tecca, closed last fall. I have been doing a lot of freelance technical work for friends’ companies like Virsix/Two Bit Circus and Angel Valley Media. It’s really interesting and fun work, I just wish I had more of it. I’ve been updating my LinkedIn profile as I go. I recently started a Tumblr for random nonsense that I would have shared on Google Reader Sharing if it still existed. On April 1st, I’ll have been in LA 5 years.


2 thoughts on “32

  1. Lane says:

    Have you looked into being a movie extra? I think that would be cool.

    I’m underemployed in Omaha. There’s not the desperate need for iOS here that there is in the Twin Cities.


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