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Cross Campus

Cross Campus sign

I’ve spent part of this summer working at Cross Campus in Santa Monica. It’s a workspace for individuals and small companies. You can read more about it in this recent Forbes post. I originally met the founders Ronen and Dan at a JS.LA meetup almost immediately after they signed the lease on the space. I liked their ideas for the space and tackled various projects for them as the built it out over the following months. I also built the Ninja Cola machine there. Here are a couple things I built for Cross Campus:

Bamboo countertops I refinished with tung oil for Cross Campus

The bar tops are all bamboo and I stained them using natural tung oil.

I refinished wine boxes and put doors on them for storage at Cross Campus

The bar cabinetry is all used wine boxes I stained and then constructed hinged, lockable doors for. Here’s another photo of them in process.

RGB stage backlight I installed at Cross Campus

The final touch was backlighting the giant steel structural X’s behind the main stage. They’re sound reactive and I built the controller on a Dom Perignon lid.

My favorite thing at Cross Campus though is something I didn’t build: the massive rolling work tables with powerstrips.


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