Cinco de Mustache

Happy Cinco de Mustache!

Q: Eliot, how do you always have such a fine mustache on May 5th?
A: I have a yearly calendar reminder on April 1st to stop shaving.

No, it’s not a real holiday; just a fun excuse to grow a stupid mustache once a year. Here are photos of years passed:

Happy Cinco de Mustache!

Cinco de Mustache

Cinco de Mustache



Cinco de Mustache

Tequila Jell-O Sombrero
Bonus: Tequila Jell-O sombrero from 2006 “Cinco de Sausage Fest”


One thought on “Cinco de Mustache

  1. Hey Eliot,

    Famous day here in Italy; I even live on Via 5 Maggio (5th of May).. Down the street along the Med is a monument which says “Da questo Scoglio Capitanini Garibaldi embarcero dei Mille, per Sicilia, da notte Cinque Maggio 1860” Or approximately “From this rock, led by Galibaldi, enbarked the 1000 for Sicily, the night of 5 May 1860”. +- My sketchy Italian.. This led to the unification of Italy. More or less.

    Regards, Terry King …On the Mediterranean in Italy


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