Modern self-portraiture

I was tickled to discover the other day that Gizmodo was using my image to illustrate a story on “Trashy MySpace iPad Mirror” photography. I had taken the photo as a joke upon receiving my New iPad. It reminded me of another photo I had taken but not published yet.

The site Self Pop Tart sprung into existence this year with people holding pastries as part of their self-portraits instead of the standard iPhone. I was disappointed by all the Photoshoppery involved, so I convinced Grace to take a photo using an actual Pop Tart. I’m not the only one to encourage phone pictures with dumb devices; here are two fine examples:

samswayy has the final word on this peculiar art form though:

This doesn’t even touch on the sheer number of nude photos that now feature iPhones. A friend told me, “Future anthropologists are going to think that the iPhone was some sort of sex toy because of all the naked pictures it’s featured in.”


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