I’m looking for work

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I’ve recently left my role as Producer with the awesome team at Tecca and I’m looking for new work opportunities.

What I do

I’m an online managing editor with 7 years experience. The majority of my work has been running diverse teams of remote freelance contributors. I’ve done everything from hiring and training full teams of bloggers to vetting CMS software to better serve both contributors and the audience.

At Tecca and Netscape/Propeller, I helped build out brand new properties. I worked with a team to shape their editorial voice and plan regular features. At Hack a Day, I ran all aspects of the blog. I hired and trained the contributor team. I performed site fixes and upgrades. I championed Hack a Day’s first venture into manufacturing custom hardware. For Syyn Labs, I contributed to new project ideation and guided hardware design and construction for large installations.

What I love

I’m a mechanical engineer at heart and love building things. I enjoy getting into projects at the ground floor and creating something truly unique. My favorite project at Syyn Labs was building the DNA Sequencer for Santa Monica’s Glow festival. I helped take a simple rendered image and turn it into a 100′ long, 10′ wide glowing, sound-reactive sculpture. I was largely responsible for planning the layout, routing over a mile of wiring, and selecting the underlying hardware. Last month, I did similar work building an interactive ride for Sony’s Umbrella Corporation that’s now touring the world.

I love  community building. Shortly after arriving in Los Angeles, I started Hacker Drinkup, a weekly gathering of computer enthusiasts. Founding members were all people I had met through technical conferences. Just last week we celebrated our 200th gathering. I also participate in Los Angeles area tech events like JS.LA, Mindshare, Spec.LA, Cross Campus, and Hacker Hikeup.

I love building out new web properties as well. As Producer at Tecca, I was brought on to the editorial team before the site launched to help train the writing staff, solve site problems as they appeared, and to act as a liaison to the engineering staff to get bugs fixed in a timely fashion. A year and half later, Tecca has grown to 1.3 million unique visitors per month with our content powering Yahoo!’s tech channel and in print in USA Today.

What I can do for you

Are you building a site with an editorial component and need an experienced blogger to guide both your team and tools development? That’s me. Do you have a project that’s going to require some creative hardware construction but you’re not really sure what’s out there or where to begin? I can fix that for you. Completely lost and just need a creative problem solver who’s fun to be around? I’m your huckleberry.

If you’d like to know more, you can email me at I have a profile on LinkedIn and my personal Twitter account @eliot.


2 thoughts on “I’m looking for work

  1. Anon says:

    Just wanted to make sure you knew that Venice 311 is run by a 45-year-old blonde convicted felon who sleeps with cops in Pacific, Hollywood and Pacific Division. Her felony conviction was in Texas for fraud and embezzlement. She broke her parole when she handled finances for a band in New Hampshire, where there was a million-dollar judgement against her. She’s been evicted twice earlier this year from apartments in Venice. Not a joke.


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