I’ve been keeping up with Code Year‘s JavaScript and CSS lessons since the beginning of the year. As part of that, my Syyn Labs friend David Guttman has encouraged me to participate in the JS.LA meetups. Last week David happened to present a new tool he had developed: EasyEars.js. EasyEars helps you build sound reactive javascript by using the Web Audio API. Give EasyEars an MP3 and it will give you audio data representing the lows, mids, and highs. It’s the same sort of data David uses to build live visualizations like Sonic Stalagmites. My favorite part of this project though is the live demo page you can play with.

David mentioned that one of the things that he loves about visualizations is the ability to connect unrelated things. As an example of this, he noted that many years ago he read a review of Monster Rancher that stuck with him. It covered the game’s ability to generate new monsters based on completely random CDs inserted into the game console.


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