Dixie-Narco Coke machine free soda vend

Vending machine relayMy friends received a free soda vending machine manufactured by Dixie-Narco for their workshop (if you’re picturing a soda machine right now, it’s probably manufactured by Dixie-Narco). They wanted it put into free mode so they didn’t have to constantly pump quarters into it. I searched the the internet and found many many people adding momentary push buttons to simulate a coin deposit. I also found $50 one-off relays and even people selling $30 jones plugs to do it. I then found one post describing the right way to do it (cache):

Closed_relayInstead of jumpering pins and adding a button to the jones plug you can just swap a couple wires in the clear-cased vending relay and be done. No additional parts needed and no need to push extra buttons to get your soda.

First, unplug your machine. Following the illustration in the post you use a paper clip to eject wire 71 from the socket and tape it so it doesn’t short. You then eject wire 10 and insert it into the slot that wire 71 was in. Plug the relay in and it will now immediately vend soda when you push your selection.

I’m reposting this in hopes that people will find it and start converting their machines the easy way. The original poster says this is the manufacturer recommended way for converting to free vend.


37 thoughts on “Dixie-Narco Coke machine free soda vend

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  3. NAS says:

    Took less then 5 minutes to do. Works like a charm!! This by FAR is the best fix for free vending!! Thank you very much for a KICK A$$ post!!!


  4. Rich says:

    Thanks for the free vend tip, worked great, no more keeping nickels in the coin return. this will make my wife happy, and a happy wife makes for a happy man.


  5. @Vince, You’ve taken a photo of the socket side of the plug but the illustration in the post is of the back side of the socket. It’s a mirror image. Looking at the screw tabs might make it clearer.


  6. dan says:

    I was sceptical at first but decided to give it a shot, since my coin op wasn’t reading The money I put in anyway, and to my surprise it works. The only hard part was figuring out how The connectors locked into place so I could unlock them. I was surprised that I only found videos on adding a switch. I found this thread by accident doing more research on my machine.


    • ArtiesVendingAzusa says:

      The number on the wire should not really matter. I have seen 70 instead of 71 on some harnesses. Just follow the diagram posted by Elliot at the beginning of this post / article. I don’t know how to post pictures, but I have some that would definitely help many!?


  7. Jake says:

    Hi, I just did the swap all lights came on and it would vend for free. Worked like it should for about 5 drinks than just quit any help would be nice thanks again.


  8. Jake says:

    Hi I have been using this right a long and has worked fine crime July till now than just stopped lighting up and vending for free any help would be thankful I also fr places that clear relay and still nothing


  9. Jason says:

    Amazing !!! my machine stopped working with coins and I have spent the last 2 hours trying to figure it out .. Then I look online and everyone talks about shorting the Jones switch .. Then I just happen to open this page and BAM perfection!! It was so easy to do and it works perfectly THANK YOU !!!!!!!


  10. pablo says:

    Hi, I have a machine that I bought used that are missing parts that the relay is missing and it can be left free without the relay? Someone knows please if you can help me greetings to all


  11. Jonathan says:

    I have a coke machine an the numbers inside say v-312 so I’m guessing it’s a vendo machine an not a Dixie narco but I’m not sure. My clear box / plug looks similar to yours in the picture above but mine doesent have a number 71 wire it has a wire right above it I’m so frustrated can someone please help me finally figure out this free vend setup I’ll give you all or any extra info needed an pictures what ever you need . Please an thank you


  12. Jonathan eakin says:

    Can someone please help me fix my coke machine meaning answer a few questions I live in the country an the service tech’s want 400$ just to come out to look at my machine not including fixing it


    • There’s a little notch in the top of of each connector slot. If you put something small and stiff like a paper clip wire or eyeglass screwdriver in that notch, you can press down the metal tab that’s holding the connector in and slide the connector out the back.


  13. Bill says:

    Just did this on my machine, works like a charm!

    Is this putting any extra wear on any of the internals though? If I leave it plugged in all the time in my shop?


  14. Mel says:

    Hi Eliot. I have a Dixie Narco model DCR 110/100-5. Tried your work around but couldn’t get it to work. No clear plastic relay. Any other fixes that might work?


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