Dixie-Narco Coke machine free soda vend

Vending machine relayMy friends received a free soda vending machine manufactured by Dixie-Narco for their workshop (if you’re picturing a soda machine right now, it’s probably manufactured by Dixie-Narco). They wanted it put into free mode so they didn’t have to constantly pump quarters into it. I searched the the internet and found many many people adding momentary push buttons to simulate a coin deposit. I also found $50 one-off relays and even people selling $30 jones plugs to do it. I then found one post describing the right way to do it (cache): Continue reading



Parra x Stussy S.O.S.I completely forgot to do this post in a timely fashion. But I’m backdating it to March 9th, when I actually turned 31, otherwise I’ll never find it again. The photo above was taken a few days later. We celebrated my birthday at Hacker Drinkup and then went to Paso Robles for the weekend. I still live in Santa Monica. I’m unemployed and looking for editorial work while working on a couple interactive projects with friends.