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Projection mapping business card cubes

Projection mapped business card cubes

I’ve hung onto a few boxes business cards over the years (these particular ones being from Netscape) with the intention of doing a project. I followed the instructions from the well known business card Menger Sponge project to turn 348 cards into 58 identical cubes. The cubes are quite resilient and resist falling apart; even the structures built with them are far more solid than you would expect. 58 cubes isn’t significant, it’s just how many matte white backed cards I had.

MadMapper cube map

Next, I assembled the cubes into a structure to project against. I took a picture from the perspective of the pico projector I’d be using. I dropped this into MadMapper and followed 1024’s tutorial for mapping the many surfaces. I had gone through the tutorial once before, but not with a physical object. The image certainly helped me get in the ballpark, but I had to tweak every single surface once I started projecting against the actual object. The EQ meter is generated by QuartzComposer and passed to MadMapper using Syphon. MadMapper maps arbitrary portions of that video feed to arbitrary surfaces. In this case it’s mapping single squares from the EQ meter as you can see in the input and output window above.

Embedded below is a demo of the whole thing in motion. Sorry for my low lumen pico projector and poor camera phone quality; this would be hard to document with any camera.


3 thoughts on “Projection mapping business card cubes

  1. Holy shit dude… I can’t believe you actually use Syphon / Quartz Composer / MadMapper. You’re like the only other person who I know who’s into the whole vj scene.

    Next time we see each other, I wanna talk to you about this crap.



  2. Katerina says:

    Whoooaa! Hello I need your help with an old plotter that someone gave us. We are a nono profit organizacion in Uruguay
    Let me now your e mail address please.thank you!


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