Matt Lewis needs our help


My friend Matt Lewis has spent the last two weeks in the hospital and was recently diagnosed with PNH. It’s a very rare blood disease (1-2 cases annually per million) and has necessitated him receiving regular blood transfusions. He will be placed on the world’s most expensive drug to managed the condition but will eventually need a bone marrow transplant.

What you can do to help:

  • Donate blood You can give an offset blood donation at a facility local to you. Just tell them it’s for Matt Lewis 11/4/1979 Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Los Angeles.
  • Be the match A bone marrow transplant is the only way to cure PNH and it can be very difficult to find a match—a sibling has a 30% chance of being a match. By signing up for the National Marrow Donor Program, you have the chance of helping Matt or saving the life of someone in a similar situation. Once signed up, they send you a cheek swab kit to complete your registration. The more people we register, the greater the odds for everyone.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you consider giving.

You can watch the web series Video Game Reunion that Matt created/directed on Atom.

Aside: The photo above was taken by Erin right before Matt and I completed a SRS BZNS deal at Ninja Penguin 4.

Update: Regular updates on barkode’s condition are being posted here.


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