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The odd history of Google’s new office

Frank Gehry's Binocular Building, Venice / USA, 1995

Google recently leased a 100,000 sqft. complex in Venice, CA that includes Gehry’s binoculars building. In the mid 90’s the building housed Chiat/Day, the advertising firm behind Apple 1984, the Energizer Bunny, Think Different. The building was home to Chiat’s virtual office experiment (no guaranteed desks or equipment)… which eventually went all Lord of the Flies. Here’s the full story from Wired in 1999 which is well worth the read.

Sidebar: Tour of TBWAChiatDay’s current office

Thank you, @cnelson for digging up this article.

Update: I happened to be in the area today and took a current picture of the building.
Future home of Google


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