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Twitter / @Eliot Phillips: Ninja Tune needs a subscri ...
Lately, I’ve been stumbling across quite a few awesome musicians and then discovering they’re part of the record label Ninja Tune. (For example, Edwin linked to a Blockhead video today.) I quipped on Twitter that Ninja Tune should just offer a subscription service and send me all of their new music. Jo told me that such a thing isn’t completely far-fetched. She gave Ghostly as an example. As part of the Ghostly Music Service, you pay $15 a month and they send you a weekly update with all new releases, random back catalog selections, 15% of store items, and access to the previous 60 days of releases. You can gift the subscription too: $85 for 6 months or $150 for 12. It’s always a good idea to build systems where your real fans, the people that really want to give you money, can.

UPDATE: Ninja Tune, and other labels, now uses Drip.FM to for monthly subscriptions.


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