Pseudo-VPN using CocTunnel + Network Beacon on OSX

Network Beacon
I started working in an office again last Fall and found myself wanting to access my home machine often. It was time to finally set up some sort of VPN. My home machine is a Mac mini attached to a projector and a Drobo. I have an iPad, phone, and work laptop, but that’s the extent of the computing devices I use at home. I use the mac mini essentially headless, accessing it via OSX’s built in Screen Sharing and file sharing. I wanted to recreate that experience remotely. Continue reading


Music label subscriptions

Twitter / @Eliot Phillips: Ninja Tune needs a subscri ...
Lately, I’ve been stumbling across quite a few awesome musicians and then discovering they’re part of the record label Ninja Tune. (For example, Edwin linked to a Blockhead video today.) I quipped on Twitter that Ninja Tune should just offer a subscription service and send me all of their new music. Jo told me that such a thing isn’t completely far-fetched. She gave Ghostly as an example. As part of the Ghostly Music Service, you pay $15 a month and they send you a weekly update with all new releases, random back catalog selections, 15% of store items, and access to the previous 60 days of releases. You can gift the subscription too: $85 for 6 months or $150 for 12. It’s always a good idea to build systems where your real fans, the people that really want to give you money, can.

UPDATE: Ninja Tune, and other labels, now uses Drip.FM to for monthly subscriptions.