Open Terminal Here and LSelect

I came to OSX from a Linux environment so there are often times when I’m using Finder and thinking, “Damnit, this would be faster with a command line.” I thought I’d share two tools that I’ve found alleviate some GUI pain. The first is Marc Liyanage’s Open Terminal Here which drops you into a shell in the current folder. In my experience, command line mplayer is the least crashy/clunky media player on OSX for playing odd codecs, so I just open terminal here when I find the file(s) I want to play. The second tool is Jim DeVona’s LSelect which lets you select files using shell style globbing just like you would with ls. It’s much faster than the GUI for even the simplest of tasks like selecting just one file type. I’m using both of these with Henrik Nyh’s fine icons. I hope you find these tools useful.


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