DSO Nano review update

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I received my DSO Nano from Seeed Studio a couple days ago. It’s a digital storage oscilloscope with the form factor of a cheap media player. Justblair has an excellent review of the device. Blair had a beta version of the device though so I wanted to document the very few changes present in the production version.

DSO Nano packaging

The packaging for the device is excellent. It’s a clear knockoff of iPhone style packaging and although the quality isn’t quite Apple good it’s refreshing to see an open source device with such a nice box!

Battery connection

The battery still requires user installation, but it now has a plug so soldering is no longer required.

On/off switch

Blair’s unit didn’t have the on/off slider; this one does.

Test clips

The provided probes are round hook style and not the tweezers that came with the beta. Ian discussed the two different styles in his Bus Pirate cable How-to. The DSO also comes with a pair of loose alligator clips.

DSO Nano components

Finally, they’ve added a nice embossed storage bag for keeping everything together.


5 thoughts on “DSO Nano review update

  1. Mark says:

    Can some one tell me when this willbe available please. This is the coolest scope
    I have seen in my life and want to use it ASAP. Also please tell me the finnal price which it costs. Any one have a rerelease date yet. I want one bad. Should I go and order one first. Any help is very appriciated. Thank tho all


  2. Kelvin says:

    Rated 80Vpp. I’m new to scope, can it measure sine wave off AC 120V, 60Hz of an Inverter? I understand that a probe needs to have a x1 and x10 switch to up the magnitude by 10 times, ie. 80 x 10 = 800V. Does this unit’s PROBE has a x10 switch?


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