Shareaholic is a browser addon that streamlines the process of using bookmarking services. When it originally debuted, I wasn’t using Digg or delicious that often. I’ve recently accumulated a lot of bookmarklets that I use fairly frequently and decided to give Shareaholic another go. These are the services I’m using Shareaholic for:

  • – When I want to share a link on Twitter, is my goto. It shortens and gives you free stat pr0n.
  • Google Reader – I’ve got a fun group of people on Reader and this makes it easy to inject stories into my shared items.
  • Instapaper – I’m guessing I’d get more mileage out of this if I was an iPhone user.
  • Tumblr – Used most often for adding posts to Fucking Curated.
  • WordPress – For posting here.
  • Amazon Universal Wish List – I always wanted to make more use of this and Shareaholic makes it easy.
  • Gmail – Sending links via Gmail was all I every used Mozilla’s Ubiquity for.

I installed the extension on Firefox and now that the dev channel of Chrome for Mac has extensions I’ve got it there too.


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