Vocoder piano – more details

I first saw this video via Twitter and wanted to know more. Hack a Day had posted about it the same day, but didn’t have any additional information. I asked my friend Fabienne to take a look since I don’t speak German. She was able to dig up some more details.

Peter Ablinger composed the piece “Deus, cantando” (God, singing) for the World Venice Forum 2009. There isn’t much detail on the installation, but the composer used this automatic piano for an earlier piece. The “display-window piece” used the piano to reproduce street sounds captured outside of a display window. The piano was designed by Winfried Ritsch (who does DSP research) and constructed with the help of Peter Pessas. The software was developed by IEM Graz, Thomas Musil. From the video id appears to be Pd. It samples the waveform and then reconstructs it using the piano.

Astera has transcribed the video and provided a translated version: Continue reading