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Tumblr the enabler

My love of Tumblr was pretty obvious in my previous post where I built a theme to do exactly one thing. One of my favorite aspects of the service is how quickly you can launch a new blog, attach a domain, and add contributors.

The Tumblr community has noticed this and has launched many many very niche themed sites… which I absolutely love. One of the first I remembered was FUCK YEAH SHARKS. There are quite a few “Fuck Yeah” sites like this on Tumblr, so I launched Fucking Curated a while ago to post a new niche Tumblr site every day. Recent favorite examples of this type of site are: three frames and Hot Chicks Picking Up Dog Poop.

I’ve started a few more sites that are usually an IM or lunch table joke that I turn into a blog in ~5 minutes. Tattoos that make your belly button a butthole was thrown together as filler for Fucking Curated. I setup Twisdom for Lon after he sent me one too many examples of Twitter asshattery. Headline WIN! was launched on a day with some particularly hilarious blog headlines. Look at this fucking hacker was started right before Defcon and is a spoof of the classic Look at this fucking hipster.

While most of these are throw away sites, I’m certainly glad that Tumblr provides free tools for taking a joke too far.


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