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One Shot, a Tumblr theme

One Shot Tumblr theme I know it may not look like much, but I just put the finishing touches on a new Tumblr theme for “single serving sites” called One Shot. About two years ago I came across the site and immediately knew what to do with a domain I had been holding onto for a while: Am I Awesome? was hosted on Tumblr so I decided to do the same thing. I just cut and pasted the static page source into the “custom html” section of Tumblr and used their simple domain mapping. Eliot Sucks had the word “FALSE” in big black letters. Recently I purchased and hosted that on Tumblr. The static page just said “8PM WED” in big black letters which linked to the related Upcoming post. It was a joke about people asking when Hacker Drinkup was since it’s been the same time/day for over 40 weeks. The link in the static page was annoying to update though. I decided that I’d build a Tumblr theme specifically for “single serving sites” like this that only have one purpose. I wanted a theme that would actually hook the CMS so the site could be easily updated. One Shot is the result. It posts the body of the most recent text post in 120pt Arial. There is also a footer with “hidden” text (same color as the background) which appears if you mouse over. While my two sss use the default black on white color scheme, it has hooks to let you modify what colors are used. You can change the text, link, and hover colors for both the post and footer. Check out the One Shot Demo to see these elements in colors other than the default. I think including this customization will make the theme appealing to other sss owners. With the new theme it will be much easier to keep the link on up-to-date; Tumblr supports importing RSS feeds, updating twitter, and all site updates now show up in an RSS feed. Installation:

  1. Download oneshot.v1.tumblr.txt
  2. Select “Customize” on your Tumblr dashboard
  3. Cut and paste the code into the Custom HTML window under Themes
  4. Update the Google Analytics “UA-ACCOUNT-PROPERTY” at the bottom
  5. Click “Reset default colors” under Appearance to import the defaults
  6. Edit the HTML for your site’s Description under Info (this will be the hidden text)
  7. Change the “Post count” to 1 under Advanced
  8. Save Changes
  9. Bonus: Leave your site’s URL in the comments

I’ve submitted this to the Tumblr Theme Garden. I hope they like it. Asides: While building this I discovered the person behind put his code on GitHub. Also, is the most recent sss I’ve discovered and current favorite.


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