Good times

Properly stickered

Things have been going pretty well:

I ended up eating with three different friends of mine over the course of the weekend. I don’t see any of them nearly enough; it was good to catch up.

Hack a Day’s owner, Mahalo, launched their new Mahalo Answers product. It’s similar to other answer services, but allows you to offer real money tips and embed content. I’ve really enjoyed participating in the service. I’m actually #1 for tips received… and most of those were legitimate. I hung out Sunday night at the office to catch the launch.

My Android Dev Phone 1 arrived Monday morning. I lost my precious N95 a week earlier during SantaCon LA. This phone was announced the following day. Scott also loaned me a first-gen iPhone to play with.

The joints on my Sony MDR-V500DJ headphones have given out. I was considering purchasing some high-quality in-ear headphones and after reading Ryan Block’s review of the new ones from Apple, I decided that was the way to go. They are in very short supply though. I ended up calling the Apple store every morning for three days in a row to see if they had any in-stock. The headphones showed up Tuesday morning so I picked them up as a final errand before heading to the airport. I also picked up my power converters from the Tosche Station Mahalo office. The most important piece of electronics and the only one I overlooked.

I found $40.


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