Ghost votes

My grandmother on my mother’s side passed away today (My grandma Phillips died in April). A recent letter from my mother mentioned that she had helped my grandparents with their absentee ballots on the 21st. Does my grandmother’s vote count? According to this Slate Explainer, the rules, like all election law, vary from state to state. Some allow the votes to stay and some demand they be pulled. I called the county election commissioner and asked what the laws were in Nebraska. She said that if they had the ballot already, it would be in the system and counted. Now this is not a definitive statement on the law, since if there was a law it would be hard to enforce. I’m not going to be an alarmist about dead people voting, but I did find this quote from a 2004 USA TODAY article interesting:

How many of those voters won’t be alive on Election Day? Considering that an average of 455 voting-age people die in Florida every day, and that the 2000 presidential election was decided by a mere 537 votes, dead votes that slip through the cracks could become a meaningful bloc.

Los Angeles

Oh exploitable!

My hardware, let me show you it
This weekend was BarCampLA 6. BarCamp is a self organizing conference. It has sponsors, is free to attend, and speakers are all voluntary. It was hosted at Mahalo so I decided to give a talk titled “Intro to Hardware Hacking: @sweetums pulls random crap out of his office”. I tried to cover a broad spectrum of what you can hack in hopes that people would see something they personally identified with and would use as a starting point. I started with consumer devices that were hackable. Then went to kits that you can purchase. Finally I covered tools and resources. Managed to fill the whole 50 minutes.

I happened to be presenting in the Mahalo Daily studio with the green screen in the background. I made sure to pose appropriately in case someone wanted to photoshop it. Thank you vissago for the photos.