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Santa Monica hacker drinkup

I was with a group of random conference attendees eating lunch at LayerOne, when we realized we were all from Santa Monica—it was fairly obvious for how much we were complaining about the temperature in Pasadena. We decided to start meeting up in Santa Monica on the only schedule that ever works: every single week. I pick a bar and post our 8PM Wednesday meetup to Upcoming every week (add me). We don’t do any serious business, besides challenge coin jousting, but it’s nice to have good friends and likeminds get together. We’ve met for 11 straight weeks. It’s good a recluse like me has a regular event like this; at least I know I’ll make it out for one night a week. Next week is Black Hat/Defcon, so we’re taking the week off.


4 thoughts on “Santa Monica hacker drinkup

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