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Sound and light machine

Brain machine
I was a bit heart broken because my HMD dreams didn’t work out, but I thought of something else to do with my goggles: build a sound and light machine. I already had an extra MiniPOV3 kit so it wasn’t too much trouble to put together. I’ve got photos from the assembly on Flickr. I decided to take a modular approach. The two wire pairs were salvaged from an old computer a while ago. They worked out really well since the connectors on one end of the wires easily hold the LEDs without soldering.

Still wondering what it does? It does some sort of electro-hippie entrainment crap that forces your brain into certain brain wave states. I guess you can use it for relaxation, meditation, etc. All I know is you put the goggles on and your brain starts showing you light patterns that aren’t actually there. It’s a neat trick.


4 thoughts on “Sound and light machine

  1. anonymous sister-in-law says:

    The kooky school where I taught last year would actually pull kids out of class to go use the light and sound machine because they were certain it boosted reading comprehension. The one time I tried it I kind of felt like I was going to have a seizure, but it may just have been because I was so angry that this was one of the first courses of action in “improving” reading skills.


  2. I have a fancier one around here some where – found it really useful to force my brain to sleep when I kept very strange hours… they claimed it helped learning (you listen to sound at the same time) Never tested that –

    I did use it on an international flight once – great for fighting the lag – though they thought it was a bomb (big black box that counts down) so I never did it again.


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