Nothing says we club people to death...
We hopped on a EuroCity train Sunday morning and headed to Prague. Bre had lived in Prague in ’95 as part of a film production company and wanted to see how it had changed. My initial impression was not so good, we were in the new town and it looked like the iron curtain had just fallen. I was disappointed about the lack of German words. With German you can take a wild guess at the pronunciation, but I’m completely lost with Czech. How can a language with 10 vowels manage to create a sentence with none?

This was offset the next day when I was disappointed to find how much English was available in Old Town. It was simply flooded with tourists; Prague is the sixth most visited European city. We spent the day hiking around the various sights. Our final stop being the British bookstore, The Globe. You can walk almost everywhere you’d want to go in town. Here’s a Flickr set of all of my pictures from the walk.

We’d stayed at The Alton which is mere feet from the I.P. Pavlova subway stop. It was very nice and ended up being $164 total for the two nights. I think it’s well worth consideration if you’re looking for a place to stay. The famous vegetarian cafe/club Radost is right around the corner too. One thing this portion of the trip cemented: the dollar is garbage. We weren’t really bargain hunting, but I don’t expect to pay $10 for an entre at a noodle shop.


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