Fake meat feast
I’m a vegetarian, Bre is a pescetarian, and Sean is vegan so we attempted to hit as many veggie friendly restaurants as possible. First up was Vegetasia. The sign says Taiwanese, but it was pretty much generic asian food. They create dishes using fake meat, so even the “shrimp” actually has the consistency of real shrimp. The first time we went was the all you can eat lunch buffet. It was really weird being able to eat every item on a buffet without a second thought. The next place was Rupp’s an irish pub with an all vegetarian and mostly vegan menu. They even had vegan schnitzel and apple strudel. I ate at Vienna Tunnel Line one evening. The vegetarian selection was great, the cooking was a crap shoot. Our final two days were spent at Formosa. It only has 8 seats, but that guarantees a hot, attentively prepared meal. It also doubles as a small veg/vegan market. This restaurant hunting experience was a lot of fun and I hope to do it a few other places in the future. While trying to find Formosa we stumbled across one of Vienna’s massive flak towers.

A few things I learned about being Viennese:

  • Learn to complain a lot, especially about how much fellow Wienners complain
  • Form a mob at the counter, never a proper queue (even americans can queue and they don’t even know the word)
  • Don’t you dare pick up your dog poop otherwise everyone will have to do it; you must maintain the status poop quo

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