GRL Vienna
I spent a lot of time with Michael and Florian from Graffiti Research Labs Vienna. They’re known for the better laser tagging software. Flo took me on a tour of the legal graffiti walls around the Danube Canal (pictures on Flickr). Another interesting stop was the paint store. It used to be a standard paint store, but now caters to graffiti artists. I’ve also got two GRL shirts now that were stenciled using pigment. Flo gave me an overdue haircut. I think he was just excited about the interstitial mullet.

We toured the museum of medical pathology. It’s housed in an old cylindrical psychiatric hospital. The majority of the collection is moulages, wax castings of diseased body parts that had been painted realistically. They also had bones and my favorite: things in jars. Here are some highlights:

  • Twisted skeletons from two 20yo sisters that had rickets and were only about 1.5 feet long
  • Multiple skeletons of conjoined twins
  • The heavily burned back of a carnival performer who spent year in front of an x-ray machine
  • An entire torso where the organs had grown on the opposite side
  • TB lungs that had been patched with wax
  • Genitals from a hermaphrodite

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