Dan and Me
I got a hold of Frosty’s old roommate Dan and visited him in Leipzig for an afternoon. Despite entering some sort of S-Bahn limbo I got to Berlin Hauptbahnhof, Europe’s largest 2 deck train station. It was an hour trip to Leipzig, home of Europe’s largest terminal station. Dan was a great guide and took me by all of the touristy locations. The church where the largest wall protest rallied. The church where Bach directed the boys choir. The bar that Goethe drank at while writing Faust. The East German Secret Police museum, the Stasi, had some neat letter snooping machinery. My favorite though was the Monument to the Battle of the Nations pictured above. At 91m, it’s the largest monument in all of Europe and commemorates them defeating Napolean.

Dan will complete his doctorate in parasitology in September and continue to work in Germany. He’ll be visiting the US in December, but no one will mistake him for american because of the accent he’s picked up.

I’m writing this from Vienna, which I’ll be leaving tomorrow. I’m continuing to add pictures to my set.


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