Greetings from the world of tomorrow! (or at least 9 hours in the future) I’ve just woken up alone in a massive dome tent on what could be the hardest ground ever; thanks to fine German beer I slept easily. The flight was a little over 10 hours. Everything was going fine till about 19:39 when a young German boy conquered the seat in front of me, which we had abandoned. He then proceeded to invade my airspace with his seatback. I looked for help from my American comrades, but they just stood by. After landing, we got on a bus for an 8ish hour trip, I don’t remember most of that. One of the refreshing things about being in Germany was all of the greenery. Lots of corn, hay, and cows covering the countryside. It reminded me of Nebraska. Found Fabienne almost immediately and spent the rest of the evening prepping for bed (drinking). I don’t have any photos up yet, but have a look at Bre’s. Oh… I can’t get to Hack-A-Day in Germany, it’s banned, I’m having to use Tor.

Update: My photos so far.


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