The Hinsdales

hinsdale urinal

Pictured are the largest urinals west of the Mississippi (if the east coast pair even exist anymore). Pride of the University of Nebraska’s Architecture College, the Hinsdale urinals were installed when the building was built in the 1890s. The urinals were relocated in 1985 during a renovation which attached the old law college building. Every year the architecture college has a celebration around the Hinsdale’s patent date (which is near Halloween, so they combine the two). Thanks to Lane for this picture. Here’s the inscription:

“Many a Zen master envies the Hinsdale’s serene ability to teach the eternal truth that it is in loss that one gains and that, here in the solitude of the Hinsdale is most certainly where men come to find themselves.” – Rodger Welsch November, 1986.

Update: It looks like the other is pair at Old Town Bar in New York.


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