Randall tagged me for eight things. Deciding to participate in the last five things was kinda a fluke, but since I recently found the txt file I used to write that post I figured I’d add three more.

  1. I collect hobbies. I do a lot of research, then buy in big, and usually get out within 3 years. I think the first big one was paintball. My friends bought pumps, I got a semi-automatic and started customizing it. Even bought kit to do refills. Then it was stunt kites, MtG, muscle cars, turntables, and R/C cars.
  2. I tell people I became a vegetarian for health reasons, but I secretly enjoy not having to make as many decisions when I look at a menu.
  3. I dislike subscriptions. It’s not just recurring charges that get me it reaches to things like serials. I enjoy graphic novels, but I don’t read comic books because there isn’t a guaranteed conclusion. I buy Futurama on DVD, but not The Simpsons because it’s still in production.

One thought on “+3

  1. Every once in awhile after I eat a big steak or stuff myself on chick kebobs, I think to myself about slaughtering an animal and if it’s something that I really should be supporting.. then I feel that red meat churning in my stomach and say ‘geez this can’t be good for me’.. But to go Vegetarian for me would be a complete loss of options, I don’t see that as a plus. I love trying new things and experimenting, I think going to stay on my menu for awhile.


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