One thought on “Dear Architects, I am sick of your shit.

  1. Wu Jin Tze says:

    What can I say? Almost ALL successful architects I know have rich family or rich spouse who supports their practices. Two successul ex-boss of mine have rich developer wives. 3 companies I work for started by rich guys who are related to the Rockerfeller dynasty. MOST architects that work longest hours for low wages have trustfunds thus they don’t care about pay or raises, working for ELITE companies that make slave labor in Indoniea look like a light weight. And THAT is the ultimate form of elitism.

    This profession has alienate itself from society by it’s own arrogance and esotericsim and elitism.

    The amazing thing is, every architect I know thinks they are better, smarter, more environmentally, socially responsible than everyone else.

    Social transformation, leading the stupid masses into a better environment, all these are preached by every architect as their noble self-sacrificial goals, what a joke.


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