War Wagon!

New ride
I picked up my new truck today. It’s a 1957 Chevy panel truck. The engine is a 350 with a Holley 600 4bbl. It has an automatic 350 transmission with a 9″ Ford rearend. The rear suspension is a four-link with coil over shocks. The front suspension is from a Camaro. The rear is tubbed with large Mickey Thompson drag tires. The lowering and frame notching means I can’t put the motorcycle in the back like I had planned. It has disc brakes all around, A/C, shaved handles with power locks and windows.

I naturally have a heap load of buyer’s remorse…

I plan on mitigating that by heading to LA and working with Ryan’s friend Jeff get rid of some of the electrical gremlins and start building a functional interior. If you remember, I wanted to build a vehicle like this as Hack-A-Day’s flagship, so we’re going to cram this with as many monitors and as much WiFi gear as we can muster. I’m hoping the final result will be a mobile work space with enough amenities to put most home offices to shame.


9 thoughts on “War Wagon!

  1. progenitor says:

    You do realize, of course, that working from your vehicle is akin to living in your car, and not a goal of most people.


  2. FROSTY says:

    It is still a Chevy, buy Torq Thrusts!!
    Don’t put monitors in asinine places like on Pimp my ride.
    And don’t worry about buyers remorse, it looks like a great vehicle!!


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