The continuing saga…

…of “Trying to get my smoke alarms to stop chirping”. (I’m not in a hurry since they seem to wake me up bright and early)

Eliot Phillips: did I tell you the grocery store had no 9V batteries?
Ryan Budke: what? you didn’t go to like a 7-11 and consider that the grocery store did you
Eliot Phillips: no
Eliot Phillips: Albertson’s
Ryan Budke: that’s crazy
Eliot Phillips: it was like a contest to see how many different ways you could package AA
Eliot Phillips: that was on Sat. I think
Eliot Phillips: and last night I had a dream…
Eliot Phillips: that I needed a whole shitload of AAs


One thought on “The continuing saga…

  1. Frosty says:

    so you would probably post the conversations you have with me if it wasn’t for all the profanities and mispellings, right?


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